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Social Cooking - magasin

Magasinet Social Cooking primus motor er Tamara Kuklina som beskriver magasinet  slik: "Social Cooking wishes to gather people to share great moments, get to know each other and learn to cook a variety of meals and dishes, from homemade bread and cheese, to gourmet dishes and other delicious cuisines that requires advanced techniques. We will focus on health and use of local food as much as possible and won't forget the wide international cuisine represented here in Stavanger!" Magasinet er ikke tilgjengelig lengre, men dengang var mulig å plukke det opp gratis rundt Stavanger & omegn.


Utforming av magasin. Totalt fire utgaver.


Tekstforfatter og ansvarlig utgiver: Tamara Kuklina

Fotograf: Andrea Rocha

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